eAdvisors are available for questions related to the completion of academic programs at JCTC. If you contact an eAdvisor, you should do so using a .edu email address. If you do not have a .edu email address (from KCTCS or another college), an eAdvisor cannot discuss information related to your student account or records, and you will instead need to plan to visit campus for assistance with enrollment or in-depth advising.

If you are not yet a student, or are a new student not yet enrolled, and if you have very general advising questions, you can contact an eAdvisor using a personal, non-.edu email address. However, keep in mind the assistance you will receive will be limited.

For these general questions, it is best to instead contact the 24/7 Student Service Center at 855-2GO-JCTC or email jf-elearning@kctcs.edu.

  • Nancy Mollette 
    • Students with last name A - C
    • 502-213-2362
  • Pam Larkin  
    • Students with last name D - G
    • Online advising only
  • Brenda Edgar 
    • Students with last name H - J
    • Online advising only
  • Kevin Stokes 
    • Students with last name K - M
    • Online advising only 
  • Kevin Browne 
    • Students with last name N - Q
    • 502-213-7289 
  • Anne Kearney 
    • Students with last name R -U
    • Online advising only
  • Paul Florence 
    • Students with last name V - Z
    • Online advising only