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Keep calm and go to JCTC

Keep calm and go to JCTCAdmission deadlines for the Fall 2014 semester are approaching for Jefferson Community and Technical College.  

First time freshmen wanting to take classes in the Fall need to apply by July 1.  After submitting an application, first time freshmen must take the college’s free placement test, attend an orientation and pay for classes. 

Students transferring into JCTC or who are returning or wanting to be readmitted must fill out the free online application or come to any campus to complete an application before Aug. 1 2014.  If you don’t have test scores, you must take the college’s free placement exam before you can meet with an advisor to register. 

Visiting students who plan to attend Jefferson for one semester must fill out the online application for admission before Aug. 14. Visiting students must submit a letter of good standing from their home college before they will be able to register for classes. 

For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to get started click here

To find out how to make an appointment with an advisor, visit our Advising Center's webpage.

For questions, call 855-246-5282.