Finding online classes

View a complete and updated list of all available KCTCS Online Learn By Term classes. 

Utilize a searchable schedule of all KCTCS courses available for a specific semester. 

Follow the directions below to learn how to use this schedule search, as well as how to understand which courses are online and which are not:

  • Upon clicking the provided link to the schedule search tool, select the term you want. 
  • If you’re searching for online-only classes, you should not select anything for “KCTCS College,” “Campus,” or “Location.”  Leave those fields blank.
  • Next to “Mode of Instruction,” select “Online & Open to All Students” (there are several “online” modes, but for totally online courses, be sure to select this exact one). 
  • Next, type in the course details (for example: “ENG” for course subject, “101” for course number).  Use the “select subject” button if you’re not sure about the correct subject abbreviation.  Remember—the more search fields you enter, the more restrictive your search will be.  If you’d like to browse all courses of a certain subject, only choose a subject (e.g., selecting “ENG” for course subject and leaving the course number blank will show all English classes). 
  • If searching for online-only classes, you can leave everything else blank to view the most results.
  • Now click “Search.” 
  • In the results that appear, click “View All Sections” in the blue bar in the middle of the screen; this will expand the results.  These results should only be online courses, and will have a “Z” in the section number. 

Once you’ve selected courses to take, jot down the class information (or copy and paste into your own document), and then click the next item in the menu at the left-hand side of this page (the one you’re reading right now), called “Enroll or drop.”