Allied Health Division

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography is a highly skilled profession that uses specialized equipment to create images of structures inside the human body used by physicians to make medical diagnoses.

Health Information Technology

  • This program prepares the graduate to take an active role in the field of health information management.
  • Graduates will interact with physicians, health professionals, financial and administrative staffs to ensure the protection of information systems.

Medical Assistant

  • A medical assistant is an integral member of the health care delivery team, qualified by education and experience to work in the administrative office, the examining room and the physician’s laboratory.

Medical Coding and Reimbursement

  • The Medical Coding and Reimbursement Specialist program is designed to prepare the student to take an active role in the coding and reimbursement process for services performed by the physician and non-physician practitioners.

Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Technology

  • Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging is the medical specialty that utilizes the nuclear properties of radioactive and stable nuclides to make diagnostic evaluation of the anatomic or physiologic conditions of the body and to provide therapy with unsealed radioactive materials.

Nursing Program (Associate Degree)

  • The Associate Degree Nursing program prepares graduates to provide and manage client care and to become members within the discipline of nursing. Intrinsic to the three roles of the nurse—provider of care, manager of care, and member of the discipline are the eight core components of nursing practice.

Occupational Therapy Assistant

  • The Occupational Therapy Assistant Program is designed to educate prospective professionals in the art and science of promoting and maintaining the holistic health of individuals in the community.

Pharmacy Technician

  • The pharmacy technician performs technical functions under the direction of a Registered Pharmacist; including prescription preparation, inventory, repackaging, and compounding.

Physical Therapist Assistant

  • The Physical Therapist Assistant Program at Jefferson Community and Technical College is designed to prepare the student to be a skilled health care provider working effectively under the supervision of the physical therapist.

Practical Nursing 

  • The Practical Nursing program prepares individuals to practice within the legal scope of practical nursing under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician.


  • The radiographer is prepared to administer ionizing radiation for medical diagnostic imaging purposes. Emphasis is on radiation protection and quality patient care.

Respiratory Care

  • The Respiratory Care program prepares the graduate to take an active role in the maintenance and/or restoration of cardiopulmonary homeostasis.

Surgical Technology

  • The Surgical Technology Program is designed to provide the basic knowledge and skills to function in a modern preoperative suite.