Communications Department

The Department of Communication offers General Education courses leading to an Associate Degree.

These courses include the following: 

  • COM 181, COM 205, COM 252, COM 281, and COM 287 meet the oral communication requirement.
  • COM 101 and COM 254 meet the Social Interaction requirement.

Students in communication courses develop strong oral and written communication skills as well as the analytical skills of a critical consumer of communication.

Additional courses offered by the Department of Communication transfer to four-year institutions offering a Major in Communication.

A student seeking a four-year degree with a major in Communication will learn conceptual and practical skills necessary to:

    1. Analyze, interpret and critique communication problems,
    2. Construct and share effective messages with individuals and audiences, in diverse contexts, and with various cultures, and
    3. Develop communication competence in various human relations.

Possible areas of concentration include interpersonal, organizational, international/intercultural, and mass media contexts.

What can you do with a communication degree?

  • A communication major can open the door to careers in such areas as advertising, public relations, social and human services, the health industry, education, personnel, tourism, law, government, international relations.