Music Department

The JCTC Music Department offers courses in general transfer music, music theory and technology, guitar, and voice.

Music Technology

Beginning Fall 2004 the JCTC Music Department introduced new course offerings in music technology.
These courses are for students interested in pursuing the creation of music utilizing computer desktop technology for the music industry or the professional commercial music market.

Music Technology courses are taught at the JCTC Music Technology Lab. In addition to the lab students also do course work in the JCTC recording studio.

For Music Tech courses each student is required to produce his or her own digital compact disc from original material created in the lab and studio. 

Department Expansion

Beginning Fall 2014 the Music Department is expanding into more traditional course offerings making available to the students group instruction in guitar and also in voice.

Course specifics include:

  • MUS 100 Intro to Music
  • MUS 113 Class Instruction in Guitar
  • MUS 120 Music Technology 1
  • MUS 155 Class Instruction in Voice
  • MUS 174 Music Theory
  • MUS 207 African-American Music
  • MUS 208 World Music
  • MUS 222 History and Sociology of Rock and Roll