Nursing Program

** Telephone numbers & room locations are subject to change without notification.**

Practical Nursing Program Administrative Assistant and Nursing Division Assistant Supervisor

Evelyn Lichtsteiner
Office: Health Sciences Hall, room 442
Phone: 502-213-2192
Fax:  502-213-2491

Nursing Division Chairperson

Sonia Rudolph
Office:  Health Sciences Hall, room 442-C
Phone:  502-213-2508
Fax: 502-213-2491

ADN Program Coordinator

Connie Adams
Office:  Health Sciences Hall, room 442-D
Phone:  502-213-2378
Fax: 502-213-2491

LPN Bridge Program Coordinator

Jennie Gittings
Office:  Health Sciences Hall, room 413
Phone:  502-213-2355
Fax:  502-213-2491

KCTCS Online Learn on Demand LPN-ADN Program Coordinator

Margie Charasika
Office: Health Sciences Hall, room 419
Phone: 502-213-2292
Fax: 502-213-2491

KCTCS Online Learn on Demand LPN-ADN Program Administrative Assistant

Jami Mitchell
Office: Health Sciences Hall, room 420
Phone: 502-213-2235
Fax: 502-213-2491

Advising Center - Administrative Assistant

Angie Henes
Office: Jefferson Educational Center, room 606
Phone:  502-213-2277
Fax:  502-213-2258

Financial Aid  

Office: Jefferson Educational Center, 4th floor
Phone:  855-246-5282

CAN/MNA & CMT Programs

Office:  Broadway Building, room 204
Phone:  502-213-4297
Fax:  502-213-2425

JCTC Bookstore  

Office: Hartford Hall basement
Phone: 502-213-2150


Office: Jefferson Educational Center, 2nd floor
Phone:  855-246-5282