Faculty and Staff

T.A.R.S. Division Administrative Assistant

Employee Phone Office
Wood, Terri  502-213-7247 Technology Building, room 100

T.A.R.S. Division Full-time Faculty

Employee Area or Program Phone Office
Boyd, Liz Computer and Information Technologies (CIT) 502-213-2169 Technology Building, room 100-L
DiPaola, Steve   502-213-7355 Technology Building, room 100-K
Drake, Paul  502-213-7329 Library, room 211
Gonzalez, Orlando 502-213-7132 Technology Building, room 100-I
Graney, Chris   502-213-7292 Social Science Building, room 105-G
Hardin, Vicky   Information Technology 502-213-7387 Technology Building, room 100-J
Jacob, Sherry  Computer and Information Technologies (CIT) 502-213-2336 Technology Building, room 100-D
Jost, Bruce   502-213-7264 Technology Building, room 100-H
Larson, Doug  502-213-7221 Science Building, room 200-D
Mohr, April   Computer and Information Technologies (CIT)and Accounting 502-213-7323 Social Science Building, room 105-F
Prather, Mark  502-213-7234 Science Building, room 200-K
Thorne, Jim   Applied Process Technologies 502-213-7385 Science Building, room 200-J
Wright, Mark   Engineering and Electronics Technology 502-213-7235 Technology Building, room 100-C