What is a MOU?

MOU is the acronym for Memorandum of Understanding.  The state of Kentucky has an agreed upon MOU between the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) and the Office of Career and Technical Education (OCTE) and KCTCS that outlines the processes for the delivery of dual and articulated credit.  Secondary institutions must have a signed MOU, for the current academic year, with JCTC in order to offer dual credit classes in their school.  The MOU will enumerate what courses, any co-requisite/prerequisite courses or college benchmark scores that are necessary, i.e. ACT, COMPASS or KYOTE. 

The MOU must list the courses, the instructor and whether the course is for dual credit or is articulated for that academic year. 

JCTC must renew the state MOU every year by circulating an addendum that is signed by the district’s superintendent.  Ideally, copies are kept on file and circulated to the school.  If you have questions about current or past MOU’s, please reach out to the Office of Dual Credit and Early College at JCTC.

Secondary partners need to know that in order to offer dual credit at their site, the college usually needs a 6 month window in order to put that class on the books, or in this case, on the MOU.  For example, if a school wants to offer a course beginning in the Fall semester of any academic year, they should have all paper work turned in to the college at least 6 months before.