Congratulations--your hard work has paid off and it is now time to celebrate! Below you will find more information about JCTC's Commencement Ceremony.

Ceremony Information:

Jefferson holds one graduation ceremony for an academic year. The ceremony takes between 90 minutes and two hours, depending on the number of graduates.  Students are strongly encouraged to participate in graduation. Tickets are not required and you may invite as many friends and family members as you would like!  However, you are not required to participate. 

Credential Information:

Your official credentials will not be handed out at the ceremony, but will be given to you at a later date.

If you live in the following counties, Anchorage, Buckner, Clarksville, Crestwood, Goshen, Jeffersonville, LaGrange, Louisville, Mt. Washington, New Albany, Peewee Valley, Prospect and Shepherdsville, you will need to pick up your credentials from the Records Office on the Downtown Campus. The Record's Office will notify you when your credential is available. 

Residents of all other counties will have their credentials mailed to them to the address used on their graduation application.  If you move, make sure to contact the Record's Office to update your address. 

If you move, make sure to contact the Record's Office to update your address.

Cap and Gown:

You may purchase your cap and gown and honor cords for distinction and high distinction from any of the colleges bookstores up until the day of graduation.  Please contact the College’s Bookstore for more information. All items usually arrive the first week of April each year.

2016 Graduation Deadlines: 

Summer 2016: The last day to submit a graduation application for the Summer 2016 term is Wednesday, June 15, at noon. Summer graduates will be awarded at end of August and summer credentials be available in mid-September.

Fall 2016: The last day to submit an application for graduation is September 9 at noon. Fall graduates will be officially awarded around the end of December/early January. Credentials will be available at the beginning of March.

Applying for Graduation:

The first step for graduating is to fill out an application

If you are planning to graduate with multiple credentials you must apply for each credential separately.  Any applications received after the deadline will be held for future semester graduation processes.  Please read each section on the website carefully so that you apply for your credential correctly.

If you are unsure what degree/certificate/diploma you are applying for you should contact your advisor or the Advising Center on your campus.