Computer Information Systems (CIS) Program

Learn about the classes and other requirements for the Computer Information Systems major in the Curriculum Guide.

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) program has been merged into the new statewide Computer & Information Technologies (CIT) program effective in the Fall 2012 semester. These changes were a result of a DACUM study that was performed in the Fall of 2010 that examined all of the technical programs at KCTCS. DACUM is an abbreviation for Developing a Curriculum and it involved business professionals from across the state making recommendations to the technical faculty on the skills that graduates should have before entering the workforce.

Students who are enrolled in the current Computer and Information Systems program will be grandfathered under the current degrees requirements provided that there is no interruption in enrollment and provided that they complete their degree by Summer 2015.  However, starting in the Fall 2012 semester there will be changes in course prefixes, course numbers, and course descriptions from what is on the previously published curriculum guides.  On this page current CIS majors can access the old CIS guides which include the equivalent CIT class that student may take to complete their degrees.
In addition, Associate of Applied Science (AAS) majors and Associate of Arts/Associate of Science (AA/AS) majors who need a Computer Literacy for graduation will be able to take CIT 105 or OST 105 to satisfy this requirement.

New students will follow the Computer & Information Technologies(CIT) Program as listed under programs of study.

For more information about the changes in the downtown CIS program or the new CIT (Computer & Information Technologies) program, you may contact one of the CIS/CIT full time faculty listed below:

For transcript evaluations, you can contact the Academic Program Coordinator:

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