Digital Game and Simulation Design Certificate

 Provides students with a thorough understanding of techniques for designing advanced 3D games and simulations. Courses will cover 2D and 3D graphics, animation, character development, texturing, rigging, scripting and game setup using state-of-the-art software development tools.

Completing students will have developed the skills necessary to create sophisticated 3D graphics and a simple application that can be used for games and simulations.

This workforce certificate program assumes that students entering this program possess math and writing skills necessary for the program’s course-work. Students entering the program will take a placement test, and may be required to take developmental course-work in the areas if indicated by the placement tests.

Digital Game and Simulation Design:  27-30 hours

Academic Plan Code: 1108033029

  • DGD 131:  3D Texturing and Lighting I
  • DGD 132:  Introduction to Digital 3D Graphics
  • DGD 231:  3D Texturing and Lighting II
  • DGD 232:  3D Character Development
  • DGD 233:  3D Character Rigging
  • DGD 234:  3D Animation
  • DGD 235:  3D Special Effects
  • DGD 236:  Game Engines I
  • DGD 237:  Game Engines II

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