Medical Assisting

Learn about the classes and other requirements for the Medical Assisting major in the Curriculum Guide.

The Medical Assisting program is designed to meet the needs of the private physicians. 

Medical assistants are the only allied health professional specifically trained to work in ambulatory settings, such as physician's offices, clinics and  group practices.  

These multiskilled personnel can perform administrative and clinical procedures.  Physicians value the unique versatility of the Medical Assistant, and the profession is expanding rapidly in the community

Contact information:

  • Michelle Butler 
    • Phone:  502-213-2301
    • Office:  Health Sciences Hall, room 465
  • Allied Health and Nursing Direct Line: 
    • 502-213-4050
  • Allied Health Advising Office: 
    • 502-213-2245
  • Allied Health Division Office: 
    • 502-213-4200 or 502-213-4296

Other Information: