Student performing an xray on a student in class

Medical Office Radiography (Limited)

The Medical Office Radiography (Limited) Program at JCTC is a two-semester certificate program that combines academic and laboratory courses and an externship in a physician’s office. 

A new class is accepted in the fall. 

After graduation, a qualified student is eligible for state certification.  The radiographer (LMR) is a health professional who takes X-rays in a physician’s office that are used by the physician to diagnose and treat human diseases and/or conditions.

*A competency level of successful completion of MT 065, RDG 030 and ENC 091 must be attained for any certificate.

Prerequisite:  Must have graduated from an accredited Medical Assisting Program or a minimum of 2 years clinical experience in a physician’s office.


  • AHS 109 - Introduction to Body Structure and Function (4-8 credits)
  • AHS 115 - Medical Terminology (3 credits)
  • MOR 100 - Medical Office Limited Radiography (6 credits)
  • MOR 115 - Medical Office Limited Radiography Lab (3 credits)
  • MOR 117 - Advanced Medical Office Radiography (6 credits)
  • MOR 119 - Advanced Medical Office Radiography clinic (3 credits)

Program Information:

For more information about this program, please contact:

  • Allied Health and Nursing Direct Line: 502-213-4050
  • Allied Health Advising Office: 502-213-2245
  • Allied Health Division Office: 502-213-4200 or 502-213-4296

Gainful Employment Disclosure Information:

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