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Nursing Programs

The JCTC Associate Degree Nursing Program is currently accepting applications for Priority Admission for the Fall 2015 semester.  In order to qualify, students must have completed all of the pre-application requirements and all co-requisite general education courses (or equivalents) listed in the Program Guide on page 4 with a GPA of at least 3.0 in the pre- and co-requisite courses.  See application process on page 6 of the Program Guide.

Applications for LPN’s to be admitted with Advanced Placement into the 2nd semester of the ADN program will also be accepted for the Fall 2015 semester until July 15.  In order to qualify, applicants must hold an active, unrestricted license for practical nursing, and if PN graduation was longer than 3 years ago, must submit verification of employment as an LPN for at least one year within those 3 years.
Pre-requisites for Advanced Placement, with a GPA of at least 2.75 in those courses, include the following JCTC courses or equivalents:  

  • *Computer literacy (CIT 105 or OST 105 with a grade of “C” or better or 75% score on the IC3 Fast Track Exam.)
  • *BIO 137: Anatomy & Physiology I (4 credit hours), (completed within 10 years of semester admitted to A.D.N. program, with a grade of C or better.)
  • *PSY 110: General Psychology (3 credit hours) or equivalent
  • *MAT 150: College Algebra & Functions (3 credit hours), or equivalent, grade of C or better
  • *BIO 139: Anatomy & Physiology II (4 credit hours) (Within 10 years, Grade of C or better)
  • *ENG 101: Writing I (3 credit hours)
  • *PSY 223: Developmental Psychology (3 credit hours)
  • *Oral Communications (3 credit hours)

All accepted applicants will be required to attend the Associate Degree Nursing Program Orientation day on August 14, 2015.

Campus-Based Associate Degree Nursing Program (to become a Registered Nurse):

  • Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) is an accelerated program of study that includes classroom, skills laboratory and hands-on clinical experiences in various healthcare facilities.  Nursing courses are 9-10 credit hours each semester, which generally includes 1-2 full days per week of on-campus activities plus 6-12 hours of clinical time per week.  In addition, to be successful, nursing students will need at least 10-15 hours per week of study outside of the classroom.
  • The ADN curriculum also includes supporting sciences, math and general education courses. A fulltime student can complete the entire curriculum in 5 semesters (16-17 credit hours in some semesters.) Nursing core classes can be completed in 4 semesters (9-10 credit hours each semester.) 
  • Graduates are prepared to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nursing (NCLEX-RN.)  Upon licensure, the graduate is prepared to assume responsibilities for direct patient care, management of care and to exercise clinical judgment, in a variety of settings.
  • The role of the A.D.N. graduate includes the promotion of human flourishing, the utilization of nursing judgment, the on-going development of a professional identity, and maintenance of a spirit of inquiry to foster life-long learning. Encompassed within these roles are the core components of context and environment, knowledge and science, personal/professional development, quality and safety, relationship-centered care, and teamwork.
  • The JCTC ADN program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN).

Campus-Based LPN-RN Summer Bridge Course:

  • Licensed Practical Nurses may apply for Advanced Standing in the Associate Degree Nursing Program, whereby they are granted full credit for the first semester of the program.  Successful completion of the 8-week Summer Bridge Course, NSG 196 and NSG 216, Pharmacology I, prepares them to enter into the third semester of the nursing program.
  • Application is open to graduates who have passed the National Council Licensure Examination-PN (NCLEX-PN) and hold an active unrestricted license for practical/vocational nursing. Individuals who plan to apply for the LPN-RN Summer Bridge Course must attend a mandatory Pre-Admission conference and applications for the Summer Bridge can be obtained only at one of the conferences.
     Conference dates/times for the summer of 2016 application cycle (February 1-April 15) will be posted during the Fall 2015 semester. The application period for the Summer 2015 course is now closed.
  • Please bring unofficial copies of all previous college-level coursework from the original school, including one from JCTC.
  • Applicants must take the NLN Nursing Acceleration Challenge Exam (NACE-I: Foundations of Nursing) and submit a hard copy of the results to the Nursing Office to go with their application.  NACE exams will be given in the JCTC Assessment Center:  502-213-2256.  Registration for taking the exam at JCTC must be done online
  • It will be necessary to create an NLN account for this purpose and to pay the exam fee online. 
  • All pre-requisites must be completed and documented on the original school’s unofficial transcripts submitted with the application.  Pre-requisites for the LPN-RN Bridge course include: A&P I & II (BIO 137 & 139), Computer Literacy (Completion of a computer course or 75% on theIC3 Fast Track exam).  General Psych (PSY 110), ENG 101, College Algebra (MAT 150)  Developmental Psychology (PSY 223), Oral Communications (COM 181 or COM 252.)

Practical Nursing (to become an LPN):

Deadlines to apply to the Practical Nursing Program:

  • October 1st for the spring semester (classes beginning in January)
  • March 1st for the fall semester (classes beginning in August)
This is primarily a daytime program.  The Practical Nursing (PN) Program is approved by the Kentucky Board of Nursing.  Upon completion of the program of study, the graduate is awarded a diploma of practical nursing and is eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN) to become a Licensed Practical Nurse.  

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