Returning Students

I've applied. What's next? 

Apply for Financial Aid (Optional):

  • You must apply as EARLY as possible in order for your aid application to be processed on time. 
  • You should try to have your financial aid file completed 8 weeks before the semester begins. 
  • The process for all financial aid (grants, loans, and scholarships) begins when you complete the “Free Application for Federal Student Aid”.
  • You will need the school code:  006961.
  • If you have already completed a financial aid application for the current year, you will need to add JCTC’s school code to it. 

 Meet with an advisor to register for classes:

  • Bring unofficial or advising copies of previous college transcripts (except for KCTCS colleges), so your advisor can see what classes you have completed.
  • You can check the registration calendar for in-person registration and advising dates.
  • To make an appointment with an advisor, contact your campus Advising Office:
    • Downtown Campus:
    • Southwest Campus:
      • Student Center
      • Phone:  502-213-7377
    • Jefferson Technical Campus:
      • Building B, Room 109
      • Phone: 502-213-4272 or 502-213-4184
    • Carrollton Campus:
      • Phone:  502-732-4846
    • Shelby County Campus:
      • Room 104
      • Phone:  502-213-7377
    • Bullitt County Campus:
      • Phone:  502-213-7901

 Pay for your classes by the deadline

  • Pay by cash, credit card, payment plan, or financial aid. 
  • Pay in person or online by the deadline to avoid late fees or other penalties.
  • You can view payment information including deadlines on the Bursar’s Office homepage.

KCTCS E-mail access:

  • A student gets email access 24-48 hours (2 business days; weekends and holidays are excluded) AFTER enrolling in a regular college credit class. 
  • Before that they have access to student self-service (aka PeopleSoft or PS).

Other Information: