Students transferring to JCTC

I've applied. What's next? 

  • A transfer student is any student with previous college credit, other than college credit earned while still in high school and other than credit earned at Jefferson Community and Technical College.

Apply for Financial Aid (Optional)

  • You must apply as EARLY as possible in order for your aid application to be processed on time. 
  • You should try to have your financial aid file completed 8 weeks before the semester begins. 
  • The process for all financial aid (grants, loans, and scholarships) begins when you complete the “Free Application for Federal Student Aid”.
  • You will need the school code:  006961.
  • If you have already completed a financial aid application for the current year, you will need to add JCTC’s school code to it. 

 Take the placement test

  • You must take the test unless you:
    • submit official transcripts showing you have successfully completed college level English and math classes from a regionally accredited college or university
    • OR  have sufficient ACT scores
    • More information is available on the Assessment Center’s homepage.

 Meet with an advisor to register for classes

  • Bring unofficial or advising copies of previous college transcripts, so your advisor can see what classes you have completed.
  • You can check the registration calendar for in-person registration and advising dates.
  • To make an appointment with an advisor, contact your campus Advising Office:
    • Downtown Campus:
    • Southwest Campus:
      • Student Center
      • Phone:  502-213-7377
    • Jefferson Technical Campus:
      • Building B, Room 109
      • Phone: 502-213-4272 or 502-213-4184
    • Carrollton Campus:
      • Phone:  502-732-4846
    • Shelby County Campus:
      • Room 104
      • Phone:  502-213-7377
    • Bullitt County Campus:
      • Phone:  502-213-7901

KCTCS E-mail access:

  • A student gets email access 24-48 hours (2 business days; weekends and holidays are excluded) AFTER enrolling in a regular college credit class. 
  • Before that they have access to student self-service (aka PeopleSoft or PS).

 Pay for your classes by the deadline

  • Pay by cash, credit card, payment plan, or financial aid. 
  • Pay in person or online by the deadline to avoid late fees or other penalties.
  • You can view payment information including deadlines on the Bursar’s Office homepage.

Other Information: