If you drop a class before the class begins, your financial aid will be adjusted accordingly. Dropping below half-time may result in cancellation of some aid awards. It is strongly recommended that if you drop classes with the intention to add others, that you drop and add classes on the same day. If you have been awarded the Pell Grant, it cannot be increased if you add a class after the Financial Aid census date. You will be responsible for repaying any funds you are not eligible to receive as a result of a change with enrolled hours or in your financial aid data.

The Financial Aid Office disburses aid once a week usually over the weekend to your student account – this is the process that actually places your financial aid funds on your student account.   This process will begin after the Financial Aid Census date for each semester and after student class attendance is confirmed. Students should not expect any refund from excess funds until mid-September for the Fall term, early February for the Spring term, and late June for the summer term.

  • If you are a first-year, first-time Stafford Loan borrower, you must be in attendance at least 30 days before your first loan disbursement can be requested.
  • If you have a loan for one-semester only, it will have two disbursement dates within the semester.

Please pay close attention to your Direct Loan Disclosure Statement, which will be mailed to you from the Department of Education.

Please check your student account to see when your financial aid has posted.

Disbursed financial aid that is more than your Tuition/fee charges and any allowable bookstore charges is considered excess funds. JCTC uses the KCTCS Easy Refund Program (HigherOne, Inc.) to process all refunds.

  • Refunds are processed through the Bursar’s office once a week and forwarded to HigherOne for distribution.
  • The refunds are distributed by HigherOne based on the students selected refund preference.
  • When you receive your HigherOne Debit card, please visit their website at www.kctcsdebitcard.com to select your preferred refund method.
  • HigherOne will send an email to you once your refund has been processed.

Please note: Disbursement and refund procedures are subject to change as dictated by the KCTCS Systems Office.