Georgetown College - Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship

Georgetown College (GC) is committed to its long tradition with continuing education for those students interested in graduating with a degree from a nationally recognized, four-year liberal arts institution.

In accordance with our admissions standards, the following guidelines have been established for the Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship:

  • Amount available for scholarship award:  Scholarships range from $7,000 to $14,000 per year.
  • Terms/criteria of scholarship:  Admission to Georgetown College and proven academic performance with college coursework.
  • Is a scholarship application required for the transfer scholarship? 
    • No separate application for this scholarship is required
    • The application for admission to GC serves as an application for eligible scholarship awards
  • Contact person for interest/question about the Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship: 
    • Jeremiah Tudor
    • Assistant Director of Admissions
    • Georgetown College
    • 800-788-9985
  • Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship web site