Smither Writing Center (Southwest Campus)

The Smither Writing Center on the Southwest campus provides help with writing to all Jefferson students.  In-person consultations with a Southwest English faculty member are available by appointment or on a walk-in basis Monday through Thursday each semester.  The Smither Writing Center is located in Room 101 of the Social Sciences Building.

In-Person Consultations:

For help with writing in all classes, come to the Writing Center and work with an English faculty member to review your writing project.  If possible, come to the Writing Center a day or two before your paper is due to allow time for you to make revisions based on the recommendations and feedback you receive. Bring questions and be ready for explanations that will help you avoid problems in the future. 

In-person consultations are held on a first come, first served basis unless you make an appointment in advance.  You may be asked to return in 15 or 20 minutes if someone is ahead of you. Bring the assignment or plan to give a brief description of it when you bring the typed draft you would like someone to review. It is helpful if you note questions you have about your paper to guide the review.

The Writing Center staff will not edit your paper but will point out errors and explain how to correct them. You may be asked to complete a brief Writing Center Survey after your in-person consultation.

Other Services:

Students may use the computers in the Writing Center labs for any kind of schoolwork if a class is not meeting in the labs at that time.  You may print up to two copies of any draft you are working on without charge.  Printing from the Internet or printing full-page PowerPoint slides is not permitted.

Faculty from other disciplines also work in the Writing Center to provide tutoring and technological help.  Check the schedule posted outside the main door or ask at the desk to find out when particular tutoring is offered.

Contact information: