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FAQs for Employees

Adjunct account duration

  • Adjuncts will have active accounts as long as they are assigned to a class either in the current or a future term.
  • If an adjunct is not assigned to a class after the current semester, their account will remain active for two weeks after the end of the term.
  • You can add them as a secondary instructor of a class to keep their accounts active.

Adjunct account creation

  • If a new adjunct needs to be setup and they have never worked for KCTCS an EMPL ID will need to be assigned then they will need to be setup in the Instructor/Advisor (I/A) table and finally assigned to a class.
  • If you are responsible for setting up the instructor in the I/A table make sure to date the entry at least a week before the semester starts.
  • The helpdesk can take care of getting the EMPL ID.
  • The accounts cannot be setup without the following information:
    • instructors legal name
    • home address
    • home phone
    • SSN
    • Personal email address.

Anti-virus software

Microsoft Products at a discounted price:

  • Home use only
    • Employees can purchase a single copy of Office 2010 at a discounted price at
    • There is also information about purchasing copies of Windows and other software at a discount via the KCTCS web store at the above link.
    • If you need to purchase additional copies of Office or other Microsoft Software you can do so at the Journey Ed Website:
    • The Journey Ed store also offers academic pricing for other software products from companies such as Adobe, Corel, and Avid Technology.

Current Employees can install Office 365

  • Most employees have access to Office 365 similar to students. 
  • KCTCS restricted this to employees with PeopleSoft access above employee self-service. 
  • They are aiming to give all employees access sometime in the next year. 
  • Office 365 allows qualifying employees to download up to 5 copies of Office for installation on non-college computers or devices. 
  • These copies of Office are tied to employment. 

Install Office on your PC or Mac:

  • Sign into your KCTCS email
  • Click the gear icon beside your name at the top right, then choose Office 365 Settings


  • Under the Office heading, click Install
  • When prompted to save or run the application, choose Run
  • Follow the on screen prompts to install Office
  • After Office is installed, if prompted to log in, use your KCTCS email address and password

Install Office on your Apple or Android device:

  • Download the Office Mobile app from the app store
  • Open the app and sign in with your KCTCS student email and password

E-mail distribution lists for Employee use

  • The distribution lists below can be used by employees:
      • Dynamic list generated based on title being either Faculty or Instructor.
      • List includes both regular faculty and adjuncts
      • Dynamic list generated base on title being “Staff”
      • Includes all regular, part time employees and student workers.
    • JF-DT-ALL
      • All regular employees on the DT campus.
      • Manually maintained by the Technology Solutions Helpdesk
    • JF-SW-ALL
      • All regular employees on the SW campus.
      • Manually maintained by the Technology Solutions Helpdesk
    • JF-JTC-ALL
      • All regular employees on the TECH campus.
      • Manually maintained by the Technology Solutions Helpdesk
    • JF-Carrollton-ALL
      • All regular employees on the Carrolton campus.
      • Manually maintained by the Technology Solutions Helpdesk
    • JF-Shelbyville-ALL
      • All regular employees on the Shelby County campus.
      • Manually maintained by the Technology Solutions Helpdesk
    • JF-Bullitt-ALL
      • All regular employees on the Bullitt County campus.
      • Manually maintained by the Technology Solutions Helpdesk
    • JF-College-ALL
      • Consists of all the campus lists.
      • List does not include students, adjuncts or student workers.
    • Anything that needs to be sent to the student distribution list MUST be submitted to the Technology Solutions helpdesk
    • Emails going to students must be approved by the PR/Marketing office before we can send out the email.

E-mail account duration

  • As long as you are being paid by KCTCS you will have access to your KCTCS email account.
  • Once you have been terminated by HR your account will be deactivated and your access to your email will be removed.

E-mail - Personal or home

  • We encourage students and employees to have a personal/home email address listed in PS if possible.
  • It gives the helpdesk an option for contacting an individual if they are having problems with their KCTCS account.
  • Employees can update this information in HRMS
  • For name changes, Employees will need to contact HR.
  • A “Preferred Name” with a different last name must be set in order for PeopleSoft to trigger the username to update.

E-mail policies and guidelines

  • These are some guidelines for the appropriate use of the campus email distribution lists.
  • Please consult this information before sending an e-mail to ensure that the e-mail system will work efficiently for everyone.
  • Most of these policies can be found on the KCTCS Intranet
  • E-mail Quotas and Creating Personal Folders:
    • These limits are put in place by KCTCS and cannot be increased.
    • Steps for creating Personal Folder in Outlook
  • Employee Distribution Lists:
    • These distribution lists can be used by employees
    • Anything that needs to be sent to the student distribution list MUST be submitted to the JCTC Technology Solutions helpdesk
  • Employee E-mail Policy:
    • KCTCS employees have an obligation to use their access to the Internet and e-mail in a responsible and informed way, conforming to network etiquette, customs, courtesies, and any or all applicable laws or regulation
  • General E-mail (with or without attachments) advice:
    • General E-mail advise for sending E-mails with or without attachments
  • Unacceptable E-mail Use Policy:
    • Use of KCTCS e-mail resources is a privilege that may be revoked at any time for inappropriate conduct.
    • Any abuse of acceptable use policies is considered gross misconduct and may result in revocation of access, notification of KCTCS management, and disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

E-mail Quotas

  • The quota limits are put in place by KCTCS and cannot be increased. 
  • If you run out of room in your email account you will need to create a personal folder that you will need to move your email into.
  • Steps for creating personal email folders:
    • Open Outlook
    • Click on “File” from the menu bar
    • Click on “New” from the File menu
    • Click on “Outlook Data file”
    • Highlight “Office Outlook Personal folders file (.pst)”
    • Click OK
    • Give the file a name or leave as the default name & click OK
    • Click on OK to complete the Creation of the personal folder
    • You should see the personal folder on the left side of Outlook.

E-mail setup on mobile device

  • Here are the step-by-step instructions for configuring your mobile device to receive KCTCS email.
  • Technology Solutions is not responsible for configuring your personal devices.

Name change or username is incorrect

  • If you have a name change or if your email address/username is incorrect this must be corrected in PS.
  • You will need to contact HR and have the “Primary” name changed and have a “Preferred” name added or updated.
  • Only a last name change will trigger a new username to be generated.
  • Normally it takes about 24-48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) for the new username to be generated.
  • For the changes to occur within the email system and to propagate to Blackboard normally takes several days.
  • Once the change has been completed you can contact the helpdesk requesting a change to your email account.

Phishing E-mails

  • Phishing emails (more information at are a fact of life on the Internet.
  • Most of the common ones are asking for your login information because your email quota has been exceeded.
  • These messages are normally coming from outside of KCTCS.
  • You can always contact the helpdesk if you are not sure.

Reset your employee password

  • There are 2 ways for employees to reset their passwords:
    1. Off or on campus you can use the site
    2. On campus you can log into any computer with your current password and then press CTRL-ALT-DEL and select “Change password”

Student Workers

  • If a student is employed by the college then they are considered an employee and cannot use the account activation process if they forget or have problems with their password.
  • If we need to reset a password in this instance we normally reset it and send it to the supervisor.
  • If a student worker is no longer going to be working for the college, please make sure to separate them.
    • For example, remove them from payroll.
    • This will remove the employee status and allow them to use the normal student tools for activating their accounts.
  • Normally the supervisor would complete the separation form and turn it into HR.

Updating Information in PeopleSoft

OneDrive for Business

  • All employees now have 1 terabyte (tb) of storage available for “OneDrive for Business” and for email. 
  • “OneDrive for Business” is cloud storage from Microsoft that will synchronize a folder between your office computer, the web, mobile device or another computer. 
  • The clients are available for download at 
  • The largest file that OneDrive will allow is 2 gigabytes (gb).

Share calendar using Microsoft Outlook:

  • Note: Steps are the same for Office 2010
  • You can skip steps 1 – 4 if you are going to share an existing calendar.
  • Step-by-step directions

Step by step directions for turning of email forwarding:

Log into your KCTCS email account at

Once in your email account look for the gear shaped icon on the upper right hand portion of the page. 

  • Click on that then select “Options” at the very bottom

Step 1 for forwarding your KCTCS email

Once in the “Options” menu select “Forwarding”

Step 2 for forwarding your KCTCS email

Then select “Stop Forwarding” then click on Save (above the word “Forwarding”)

Step 3 for forwarding your KCTCS email

Voicemail Access

  • Your voicemail can be accessed in different ways:
    • Call your office phone number (502-213-xxxx for example) 
      • When your voicemail answers, press the * symbol
      • Enter your extension when prompted for your ID
      • Enter your PIN when prompted.
    • You can call 502-213-5338 (502-213-JEFV) to directly access the voicemail system.
      • This will take you directly to Unity Voicemail.

Voicemail PIN reset