Writer's Anthology Guild (WAG)

We are the WAG or the Writer's Anthology Guild. WAG is for staff, faculty, students and community writers.  We want to foster a positive and productive atmosphere that advances professionalism in writing, promotes a writer’s network, mentors developing writers of all ages, and provides literary support for writers in the local writing community. We want to provide an environment where members can obtain a critique of their efforts, attend workshops, and share writing experiences.  We support all genres, including poetry, prose, plays, song lyrics, graphic novels, et al, as well as related professions such as publishable art and text, editing, and photography.  We would like to encourage mentoring for writers of all ages by providing educational programs for adults and fostering youth programs as time and resources permit.  We will anthologize the best of our local written works in the spring of 2014. We propose to publish an anthology in the spring each year.

Monthly Open Microphone Nights: Free and open to singers, dancers, visual artists, poets, essayists, or entertainers.

Bi-monthly review meetings (to peer review, evaluate and encourage writer's work.)

We currently are accepting submissions for the Anthology, 2014 until April First.

Events proposed:

  • Children's Writing Workshop
  • Author's and Speakers Visits