Safety Manual

Welcome to the Safety Manual of Jefferson Community and Technical College!

In order for JCTC to achieve its educational goals and objectives, it is crucial that we provide a safe and healthy environment for employees, students, guests, vendors and contractors on all our campuses. To accomplish this, we commit to allocating physical, human, and financial resources toward the cause of campus health and safety, and to developing and overseeing  health and safety policies, plans, and programs which  best serve the needs of those who come to the College to work, to study, to visit, or to conduct College business. In turn, we ask and expect all individuals on campus to take personal responsibility for their own health and safety, to be conscious and concerned about the health and safety of others, to help identify and report potential health or safety hazards, and to conform as closely as possible with the provisions of this Safety Manual.

Our desire is that this Safety Manual not be a one-time only, static document; but rather that it be fluid and regularly changing in response to the needs of the College and all our constituents. We recommend heartily that this Manual be read completely and incorporated into daily practice particularly by employees and students. Together with each person’s health and safety commitment, we believe that this Manual will provide the environment we all need and expect to make our journey at JCTC, whether long or short, most pleasant, productive, and secure.

Naturally we would not be surprised if your review of the Manual uncovers some items which need correction or clarification or some other type of adjustment. With a document of this length, covering as many elements of safety and health as it does, we fully expect we will make a number of changes and improvements in the coming months as well as annually when the Manual undergoes its normal cycle of review. Please feel welcome and encouraged to submit to us any of your findings and suggestions for change. We look forward to receiving your comments.

Should you have any questions about the Manual or any of its contents, do not hesitate to contact either of us with these as well.

Whether your time on campus is for work or for study; and whether you are here daily, weekly, or only occasionally, we wish you the safest, the healthiest, and the most enjoyable and productive experience possible.