The JCTC Green Teams are aimed to help students, faculty, and staff members make their classrooms and workplaces more sustainable. Green Teams can serve as sustainability resources within their departments or offices, learning about ways to green their areas and encourage the college to become more sustainable on each campus.  The Green Team initiative is very important to our college president, administration, faculty, staff, students, as well as the KCTCS systems office.  

Here are some other goals for the JCTC Green Teams:

  • To reduce the environmental footprint of JCTC’s operations
  • To enable students, faculty and staff to play a direct role and have a personal stake in greening efforts at JCTC
  • To build a sense of community by networking like-minded students, faculty, and staff, around a shared commitment to sustainability
  • To enable the college to use energy and other resources more efficiently and save money
  • To generate new ideas and implement the best practices for sustainability

JCTC Green Teams will have representative(s) that will partially comprise the JCTC Sustainability Council; areas of focus include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Sustainable Administration & Finance:
    • Ensure that economic, social, and environmental impacts are taken into consideration during financial planning and decision-making
  • Sustainable Operations: 
    • Promote sustainable decisions and practices amongst students, faculty, and staff in personal and college life.
  • Sustainable Education & Research:
    • Integrate sustainability topics into curriculums, and research current and future sustainability initiatives at JCTC
  • Sustainable Outreach & Social Justice:
    • Raise awareness about the importance of sustainable and social justice at JCTC by coordinating events and distributing pertinent information throughout campus.

(*PLEASE NOTE: These descriptions are the first drafts of green team missions and goals.  They are subject to change once the green teams meet and make the appropriate revisions.)

If you are interested in joining a Green Team on your campus, please complete the following information.  It is critical to the JCTC Sustainability focus to have equal faculty and staff representation.

Interested Area of Focus:

For those of you who responded to the previous Green Team invitation last semester, we appreciate your interest and will contact you with more information. 
Please contact Pamela Dumm for any questions or concerns.