Student Spotlight

Marty Clark - 2014 recipient of the Adult Student Center Award

Marty has been a student at the Carrollton Campus and is a May 2014 graduate with a degree in Human Services. He plans to continue his studies at Lindsey Wilson College in Human Services and Counseling, with a long-term goal of pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Louisville.

Like many adult learners, Marty’s enrollment in college was the result of physical challenges that forced him to refocus his life’s work and goals. Despite multiple surgeries and setbacks, Marty was determined to move forward. Once enrolled in classes, he discovered a more confident and enthusiastic side of himself regarding education which sparked dreams of setting and attaining higher goals. Like many adult learners, the transition into college included the realization of being “technologically challenged”. Marty worked hard to improve his computer skills and sought help on campus, understanding that to be successful, he must embrace this “new way of learning” as he called it.

Adult learners typically find themselves constantly balancing multiple roles and responsibilities. Marty is no exception as he cared for his elderly mother while attending school and staying involved on campus and in the community.

Marty’s contributions, accomplishments, and recognitions are numerous including: multiple semesters on the Dean’s List; member of Phi Theta Kappa, student mentor, and member of the JCTC Judicial Board. Within his community, he leads a 12-step chapter twice a week, works with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, volunteers at a local Senior Citizens Center, and has even been known to serve as the local high school’s mascot!

Marty is quick to give credit to the extremely supportive and caring family and individuals on campus who not only assisted him, but nurtured him all along the way. This support helped mold him into a student leader who contributed to the foundation on which other students can stand. Marty has received many accolades from faculty and staff during his tenure at JCTC which has certainly been a reward in and of itself. However, Marty states that assisting other students to realize hope, develop a goal, and share a story of their own are his truest accomplishments.

The recipient of the ASC Award is asked to recognize a significant person in his/her life who has served as a “Champion” for them as they pursued higher education.  Marty selected his cousin, Shelly Hunt, as his Champion for many reasons. Most importantly, upon his return to his hometown of Carrollton, KY, he and Shelly re-established their relationship as cousins but it became so much more. She became his confidant, cheerleader, advisor and greatest listener. Marty attributes a good deal of his determination to her motivating and guiding spirit. A single mother who worked her way thru college, Shelly maintains a community connection as the local high school cheerleading coach and has established herself firmly with one of the local industries. She helped Marty redefine his view of what a small town has to offer. Marty said, “It is truly an honor and privilege to acknowledge this wonderful woman. I'm so grateful to have shared my life with her as family and now, a best friend.”