Student Spotlight

Karol Wiley

In 2011, Karol Wiley arrived in the United States from the Philippines. Before coming here, she completed a Bachelor of Science in Commerce with majors in Accounting and Management and worked in the accounting field for five years. She is now a permanent resident of the United States and says that “I am thankful every day and am working hard to achieve my American dreams”.

Like many adult learners, Karol decided to continue her education by enrolling at JCTC and study nursing. Her goal is to complete her Associate degree then transfer to the University of Louisville for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program.  While she pursues these long-term goals, she hopes to continue using her accounting skills.

Karol is determined to grab every opportunity that comes her way! Her first job at JCTC was with Workforce Solutions as a student worker. As part of a program at the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant, she worked as a math tutor assisting employees who were preparing to take work-related tests for various certifications. In 2014, Karol was hired to work in the Adult Student Center computer lab through the Plus 50 Encore Grant program. In this role, Karol teaches basic computer skills to adult learners who visit the ASC. In addition to this, she also works as a math and computer skills tutor for the Trio Student Support Services program. Her ability to build rapport and assess the needs of students makes Karol a very valued student worker.  Helping students brings much happiness into her life which is always evident by the smile on her face.

English is Karol’s second language and she has worked hard to improve her communication skills. She appreciates the diversity of JCTC students and that everyone is given an equal opportunity to work and learn here.  Her experiences on campus have helped her embrace and respect many different cultures. Karol credits her husband with bringing her to the United States and supporting her in everything she does. As she continues her studies she is determined to do her very best so she will succeed at achieving her dreams.