Adult Student Center Award

Vincent V. LozanoVincent V. Lozano

Vincent is currently a student at the Southwest campus. His academic goal is to complete the Associate of Applied Science degree in Radiography. He currently has a 4.0 GPA.

As the father of 5 children, Vincent understands the challenges and obstacles adult learners face when pursuing an education. He entered the workforce at the age of 15, eventually completed his GED, and worked as a commercial carpenter and framer until a severe spinal injury left him with a disability. This prevented him from returning to the carpentry field but ultimately led him into the field of healthcare.

Vincent was recently selected as the 2016 JCTC nominee for the Metroversity Adult Learner Award and he was also selected to receive the JCTC Adult Student Center Award. The Adult Student Center Award was established to recognize one student over the age of 25 who has demonstrated extraordinary effort while pursuing higher education. In addition, the award recipient demonstrates the ability to overcome obstacles, maintains multiple roles while furthering his/her education, serves as a role model for other students, and achieves academically. The Metroversity Adult Learner Award is based on the same nomination criteria. Students from all six JCTC campuses all eligible to be nominated for these awards.

Rob Mattingly, Anatomy and Physiology instructor at the Southwest Campus, nominated Vincent. He called Vincent “a very worthy candidate based on his life, background, and academic success”.  Vincent had this to say about starting college: “I was unclear and worried since it had been many years since I had been in school. How would I find time to study? Will I be the only adult there? Where I once was not fond of school, I found that as an adult, I actually love it. Earning an A is very rewarding even though you suffer through a lot of late nights and child nap time study sessions. Each step taken is a step towards success”.

As the recipient of the Adult Student Center Award, Vincent was asked to select a “Champion” – a person in his life who has provided outstanding support and contributed to his academic and personal achievements. He selected his fiance’, Valerie Davis, and credits her with standing beside him and supporting him all along the way.

The Adult Student Center congratulates Vincent on his perseverance and academic success!